The quest for an ergonomic keyboard - Part 1

If you didn’t read my previous blog post I’m hunting for a good method for keeping my tech experiments going from my living room lazy boy. One of the key components to that is having a bluetooth ergonomic keyboard

Why Bluetooth?

If I’m going to be popping up a little workspace here and there all over the house, I want setup time and teardown time to be seconds. I also don’t want anything dangling because when I’m watching my kids I often have to jump up quick to help with something and I don’t want to get anything caught while I’m trying to get my keyboard off my lap.

Why ergonomic?

Regular keyboards hurt… like… a lot.

I can only type on a laptop keyboard for about 15-20 minutes before my hands start hurting. I need something that I can type on for hours without pain. I have a Moonlander keyboard which I use for work that lets me type for hours without a whole lot of pain. I need something similar.

What I tried

I just bought the ErgodoxLP Wireless by SliceMK which is a fantastic little keyboard. I discovered though that I cannot handle the low-profile keyboard and low-profile switches. They are too similar to a laptop for me. I typed on it for about an hour today at the library and had sever pain in my hands for about two hours after that. Definitely not a good fit.

What’s next?

I’m debating between these two options:



  • Wireless
  • Split
  • Ergonomic


  • Low-profile switches might cause the same pain I experienced with the ErgodoxLP



  • Highly ergonomic - Likely to be even less pain than my Moonlander just due to the lack of movement
  • Mouse embedded in keyboard - You can get a trackball right in the keyboard which reduces the clutter of my working environment even further


  • Not wireless - Kinda sucks that it’s not wirelss but it would hook straight into my phone with a usb-c and without the mouse there it might not be that big of a deal
  • Cost - These suckers come in at around $800 and I just had a plumbing emergency at home cost me $11k so I’m not sure I’ll be able to affort these guys too soon
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