A PowerShell ProgressBar in XAML using Material Design in XAML Toolkit from ButchersBoy

Current Version: 0.131more_vert
Release Historyclose

0.11 - Original public release

0.12 - Added icon in notification tray

0.13 - Added option to use custom icon with new IconPath parameter

0.131 - Fixed help file to show IconPath


Step 1: Installation

Step 2: Create your progress bar
                    $ProgressBar = New-ProgressBar
Step 3: Write your progress
                    Write-ProgressBar -ProgressBar $Progressbar `
                        -Activity "Prettyin up Powershell" `
                        -PercentComplete 50 `
                        -Status "Prettyin" `
                        -SecondsRemaining 100 `
                        -CurrentOperation "Progressifyin"
Step 4: Gracefully close out that beautiful progressbar
                    Close-ProgressBar $ProgressBar
Next Steps: Style it up!
ProgressBar Builder
Material Design?
Determinate or indeterminate?

*The progressbar will automatically switch to determinate if you send a percentcomplete from your write-progressbar cmdlet

ProgressBar Type (Style)?